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The standard amongst the blogging community, I have noted, is that ones first post should always, always, be a self-indulgent ego-fest to promote ones self within this new community. Either that or write a sad story about mommy and daddy not buying you that pony you always wanted. Boo hoo. This blog isn’t going to be like that; here’s how it’s going to go down:

  1. You will never know my name
  2. You won’t know my country of origin…probably.
  3. You probably won’t even read long enough to care.
My reasons for writing this are as unclear as to me as they are to you right now. I have a journal already. A very private, paper-based journal; so it’s not like I’m lacking somewhere to write. I suppose my problem is that I’ve gotten bored with writing; asking all these questions to empty sheets of paper. I feel alone and isolated and as sad as it may be, I guess writing my innermost thoughts and feelings anonymously on the internet makes me feel more connected. Maybe one of you will relate. Drop me a line, even if you don’t – it’s cold down here.

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